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Film4 - Ghibli

Postby eggy » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:40 am

Film4 are doing a Ghibli run over the next few weeks. If theres one of his youve missed then nows your chance to catch up. You can also choose between subs or english dubs.

Tues, March 26th – 6:30PM - Spirited Away (Subtitled)
Weds, March 27th – 6:05PM - Princess Mononoke (Subtitled)
Thurs, March 28th – 11am - The Cat Returns (Subtitled)
Thurs, March 28th – 4:35PM - Porco Rosso (English dub)
Fri, 29th March – 4:45PM - Kiki’s Delivery Service (English dub)
Sat, 30th March – 4:55PM - My Neighbour Totoro (English dub)
Sun, 31st March – 5:15PM - Arrietty (English dub)
Mon, 1st April – 4:35PM - Howl’s Moving Castle (English dub)
Tues, 2nd April – 3:15PM - The Castle of Cagliostro (English dub)
Weds, 3rd April – 2:50PM - Ponyo (English dub)
Thurs, 4th April – 11AM - Ocean Waves (Subtitled)
Thurs, 4th April – 2:35PM - Pom Poko (English dub)
Fri, 5th April – 12:15AM - Grave of the Fireflies (Subtitled)
Fri, 5th April – 2:40PM - Whisper of the Heart (English dub)
Fri, 5th April – 4:35PM - Spirited Away (English dub)
Sun, 7th April – 3PM - The Cat Returns (English dub)
Mon, 8th April – 2:25PM - Tales From Earthsea (English dub)
Tues, 9th April – 12:55PM - Only Yesterday (Subtitled)
Weds, 10th April – 1:10PM - Princess Mononoke (English dub)
Thurs, 11th April – 11AM - Little Norse Prince (Subtitled)
Thurs, 11th April – 2:30PM - Laputa: Castle in the Sky (English dub)
Fri, 12th April – TBC - Howl’s Moving Castle (Subtitled)
Sat, 13th April – TBC - Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind(Subtitled)
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Re: Film4 - Ghibli

Postby PLightstar » Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:57 pm

Nice, Will be Tivo'ing some of those.

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Re: Film4 - Ghibli

Postby Nojjy » Tue Mar 26, 2013 5:53 pm

Same - thanks for info!
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